Know who you are dealing with 

It is always satisfying when I have done a good job and the client is happy with my work.  Don’t just take my word for it, read some for yourself!

"Guy became my ‘right hand man’ – a trusted resource. I had complete confidence (in him and that) he was doing it for the right reasons … done efficiently and with good quality.

It would not have happened without Guy."

European IT Director, CR Bard Limited

"(With) business stakeholders … built phenomenally strong relationships, I was confident he would ask the right questions to get on with it.

… asks relevant questions and builds a picture including an appreciation of underlying drivers … very quick (to) execution.

He’ll look for ‘added value’ – he sees other aspects that could be included and is not afraid to express an opinion."

Human Resources Lead for EMEA Services, Microsoft

"Guy held 50 people in the palm of his hand and inspired them to become better HR professionals"

Global Head of Learning and Development, German Engineering Company

"Excellent best practice knowledge and able to make it very practical to my situation."

Senior HR Business Partner, European Investment Bank