Twelve hour program

Examples might include;

  • Considering a change of career.
  • Reviewing your career goals.
  • Understanding and developing key future skills such as leadership. 
  • Managing the impact of significant life changes on your career.
  • Thinking about starting your own business.

This programme is typically on-line but may be in person depending upon location. 

The Programme can vary but will typically be divided into sections

  • Getting to know you / getting to know yourself
  • Understanding your options
  • Planning and implementing your chosen options

Preparation and self driven work required: Yes - exercises and research is typically required

Out of session support: Yes

  • Unlimited support one to one (email, WhatsApp, short telephone calls)
  • Workbook
  • Access to relevant resources to support you
  • Relevant introductions to my connections and network

Extra services: Yes, can be included or charged extra. Includes interview and meeting coaching, CV support

Coach preparation: Yes, both preparation and follow up notes supplied by me

Post Programme support: Yes, follow up three months after the programme

Duration: Twelve hours

Price: £2400.00

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Twelve hour program
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