Guy Ellis

Guy Ellis

Executive, Career, Work Relationships Coach.

I work with professionals who are looking for answers in an uncertain world and help them bring clarity and direction to their working life.

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Are you... 

  • At a crossroads with your career and you’re not quite sure which direction to go 
  • Feel like you’re being overlooked at work and not getting the recognition you deserve
  • Doing a job or working for an organisation that you don’t love or respect
  • Happy with your job but not achieving the success you’d like to
  • Just moved into a new role and you’re not sure that you have the skills to make it a success
  • Want to be a manager or leader but not sure if you have the knowledge or ability to do so 
  • Struggling to get the support you need from other functions to do your job
  • Being impacted by personal life events such as marriage, children or menopause, and are not sure how you can continue to deliver at work to the high levels that you are used to
  • Nearing the end of your career and not looking forward to retirement
  • Thought about running your own business and aren’t sure where to start
  • Or simply want to enjoy your work more than you are

I help professionals to move forward with their careers and work life.

I can help you to understand your current work-related skills and career options, plan your future working direction, navigate your way through your current organisation or start with a new one. I can also provide you with practical help and advice you need to move your career forward. 

Getting help with your career can result in you having a better understanding of what’s important to you at this stage in your working life, identify the right role for your skills, interests and life stage, increase your job satisfaction, find a new role, maximise your chances of getting a pay rise and / or promotion, help manage your boss, and develop your leadership and other key personal skills.

If you identify with some the issues above and want some of the results indicated, then we should definitely have a no-obligation talk.

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You are going to achieve the results that you need, and in less time than you might typically expect. 

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