Coaching programmes and sessions

What you get depends on what you need.

Your career is unique to you. So should your coaching be. 

I offer oGuy Ellis | Career and executive coach ne-, six- and twelve-hour packages. Sessions are often one hour in length but we can vary that as required. For example, the six-hour package will typically be over six sessions, but could be four x 90-minute sessions. Many clients find that having a one-hour session every two to three weeks works best as this allows them to reflect on the previous session and prepare for the next one, but we're all different so let's work out what suits you. 

I am also very relaxed about last-minute changes to our session's content if you have immediate needs, like preparation for a meeting or interview, but I will be very grumpy with you cancelling with less than 24 hours notice!

This all leaves you in control of your coaching.

Please be aware that these are coaching and consulting programmes – not only will I help you to reflect and support you to achieve your career goals, I will also provide you with pragmatic advice, frameworks and knowledge from over 30 years of working with and in organisations.

Free introductory session

I offer a free, no-obligation introductory session where we explore if coaching, and you and I, are right for the work and career-related issues that you’re facing. Up to 40 minutes long, in this session we’ll explore your career and work goals, current challenges and how we could improve your life.

Easing the financial impact 

I understand that engaging with a career coach can be a financially challenging decision as you're investing up front for longer term benefits. For this reason, if it’s appropriate, I’m happy to either;
1.    agree a payment plan with you or,
2.    engage with your organisation and invoice them directly for the time that we spend together. In my experience, many organisations are happy to support employees with executive coaching and I'm willing to explore this with you. If your organisation does pay me directly however, they need to be aware that you will be my client and that any information that we discuss will not be shared with them without your express approval. 

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