Regular package

This fortnightly session could support you with an important and ongoing issue or addressing a specific learning need. Examples might include:

•    Creating a career or development plan.
•    Seeking a promotion or pay increase.
•    Managing a difficult employee.
•    Getting greater recognition for your successes.
•    Developing an identified key skill such as delegation.

This package will be typically on-line but may be in person depending upon location. 

This package may be structured depending on the issue. We will explore this at our introductory session.

Session preparation and homework is typically required.

There is minimal out of session support. Enhanced support is available (see below) as a premium product. 

Access to psychometric tests is available at minimal cost. 

Duration: Depends on the issue and what we agree up front. A monthly fee is payable in advance but can be cancelled at any time. 

Price: Agreed before commencing, depending on value and anticipated length or package.

Enhanced support is available at an extra cost and includes: 
•    Unlimited one to one support (email, WhatsApp, short telephone calls).
•    Bespoke psychometric tests including analysis.  
•    Access to relevant resources including articles, exercises, teaching material.
•    Relevant introductions to my connections and network.

Duration: One hour per fortnight

Price: £

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Regular package
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