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Here's what some of my clents have said about me.

For anyone using the services of Guy Ellis, you are going to value the experience a lot.  You are going to achieve the results that you need, and in less time than you might typically expect.  Guy is honest, kind, supportive and caring; most definitely a gentleman.  He also listens, and I mean really listens, a rare gift to witness.  But don’t let his positive demeanour mislead you, in business, he is pragmatic, (as in, ‘cuts to the chase’, promptly identifies the heart of the issue, helps you define the solution and supports you in its execution), smart, (as in gets things done quickly, effectively and with ease), an achiever, (as in, does what is needed, not necessarily what the brief says, meets deadlines, both in time and budget, and gets results).  Finally, he is hugely experienced, (as in, he has the necessary knowledge, wisdom and practice to know what to do, when to do it and how to make it happen).

Guy is someone that you can go to with your problems, (personal and business), and know that you will come away calmer, reassured and wiser, alongside usable solutions and actions.  Be mindful that you may not like or agree with what Guy has to say, that is fine, but never underestimate the depth and quality of what he says; it will work.  He is nearly always right.  He is also the person you can call your go-to person.  I certainly do.  For example, anything to do with the way a strategy gets written and executed, a budget that needs to be developed and implemented, how an organisation ‘really’ operates, and how HR systems and practices can be established, such that they will make the impact and difference the business needs.  

I wholeheartedly recommend Guy Ellis.

Colin Smith aka "The Listener"
Dexterity Solutions

I've known Guy for 20+ years and worked with him or alongside him for the last 15. He knows his stuff - both first rate theory and real-world application. The more challenging and strategic the project, the more alive and insightful he becomes. Not limited by conventional thinking and is keen to support leaders who are driven to making a difference, willing to think outside the box and who are robust enough to have straightforward and honest conversations and feedback. Guy has great broad sector experiences, understands the vagaries and challenges of contemporary organisations that need to adapt and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities. Lastly, he understands and cares about people and never loses sight of the people impact and implications of what he is proposing.

Chris O'Brien
Clear Solutions

Guy is one of the good guys. I first met him perhaps ten years ago and I’ve enjoyed working together on various projects since then. I’m constantly impressed by how much experience, including at very senior level, he has managed to cram in to his working life. 

He works hard and he works smart and he has a tremendous grasp of systems, patterns, opportunities, shapes that not everyone can see. And he’s a nice Guy too. 

Graham Scott
Message Medium

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